If you have been working with Linux (or Unix systems in general) for longer than a few years, you will have recently(-ish) noticed that grep "something something" /var/log/syslog is not as useful as it used to be.


START_STRING="1 week ago"

-t, --identifier=SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER
    Show messages for the specified syslog identifier SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER.

-u, --unit=UNIT|PATTERN
    Show messages for the specified systemd unit UNIT (such as a service unit), or for any of the units matched by PATTERN. If a pattern is specified, a list of unit names found in the journal is compared with the specified pattern and all that match are
    used. For each unit name, a match is added for messages from the unit ("_SYSTEMD_UNIT=UNIT"), along with additional matches for messages from systemd and messages about coredumps for the specified unit.

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